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From Beginning to Advanced: Blogs on Industry and Manufacturing

Greetings! My name is Adam. I work in the advertising industry as a brand developer. I also teach surfing lessons and spend a lot of time volunteering with an animal hospital. When I was on a gap year, I took a job in a pen factory. Through that experience, I learned a great deal about how pens were made, but I also learned a lot about industrial work and manufacturing in general. In this blog, I plan to write about all aspects of these topics, and I hope that this information is interesting and informative to you. Please, grab a tea and start looking around. If you like my blogs, share them. Thanks.



From Beginning to Advanced: Blogs on Industry and Manufacturing


Unravelling the Benefits of Formatubes

When it comes to concrete work, the right form makes all the difference. That's where formatubes step in, providing a solid form that ensures well-structured concrete. But what else do they bring to the table? Let's dive into the benefits of formatubes. Understanding Formatubes Formatubes are cardboard columns used by contractors during concrete pouring. They prevent soil from collapsing and provide a mould for forming concrete structures. But their benefits extend beyond just these functional aspects.