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From Beginning to Advanced: Blogs on Industry and Manufacturing

Greetings! My name is Adam. I work in the advertising industry as a brand developer. I also teach surfing lessons and spend a lot of time volunteering with an animal hospital. When I was on a gap year, I took a job in a pen factory. Through that experience, I learned a great deal about how pens were made, but I also learned a lot about industrial work and manufacturing in general. In this blog, I plan to write about all aspects of these topics, and I hope that this information is interesting and informative to you. Please, grab a tea and start looking around. If you like my blogs, share them. Thanks.




From Beginning to Advanced: Blogs on Industry and Manufacturing

    Why Your Export Pallets Should Be Made From Plastic

    If your business relies on manufacturing and production, you need pallets for an assortment of applications. From distributing your products to warehousing, pallets are critical to the transportation and safe storage of your goods. However, with the myriad of options available, you may be confused as to which material will be best suited to your business. While timber and steel may initially seem like viable options, you may want to consider the benefits of leaning toward plastic pallets.

    Tips for Producing Excellent Multiple Powder Coats

    The benefits of powder coating over wet paint cannot be overstated. Powder coating has become a significant part of product finishing today.  Powder coaters are turning to multiple colour layers to stay ahead of the competition. The process is, however, not as straightforward as many people would want you to believe. Notably, if you go about the process the wrong way, you will end up with a poor finish on your products.

    Safe and Tidy Airbrushing at Home

    Creating a commission-based model airbrushing business will require the use of a variety of different chemicals and heavy-duty painting equipment. Protecting yourself, the floor and the equipment will enable to you paint multiple commissioned models without the fear of damaging your equipment or your home. Many airbrush artists opt to set up at home because it offers them the freedom to work in a comfortable environment, whilst saving money on studio rental fees.

    Typical Sources of Water Loss and Reduced System Efficiency in Cooling Towers

    By design, cooling tower systems use large amounts of water. The basic function of cooling towers is to absorb process heat and cool recirculated water to a desired temperature level. From a water efficiency viewpoint, it is best for you to maximise cooling tower water cycles. This is one of the effective ways that can be used to improve thermal performance and extend the service life of the equipment. The efficiency and longevity of the equipment relies upon the proper management of water recirculated within the system and the cooling tower design.

    The 3 Home Improvements New Parents Won't Want to Live Without

    Are you and your partner expecting your first little bundle of joy in the near future? If you're used to living child-free, there's a good chance your home isn't optimised for a new baby. First-time motherhood and fatherhood can be difficult, so here are 3 home improvement installations that could make your life easier. Residential Lift Gone are the days when residential lifts were only for the ridiculously wealthy. Home lifts are now an affordable home improvement for middle-income families, and they make life with a new baby so much easier.

    The Pros and Cons of Various Roofing Choices

    When it's time to get your roof replaced or when you're having a new home built and need to choose the materials for the roof, you may have more options than you realize. Standard asphalt tiles are still a favorite for homeowners, but you might consider some other materials as well. Note a few of these here and the pros and cons of each, and then discuss the best choice for your home with your roofing contractor.

    How Laser Cutting Is Affected By Material Surface Condition

    Laser cutting enables fabricators to cut a wide range of materials quickly and precisely. However, the cutting process can be hindered by the condition of the surface that is being cut. This article discusses how different surface conditions can affect the laser cutting process. Use this information to adjust your laser cutting settings and methods so that fewer defects occur in the cut materials. Corrosion Heavy materials, such as I-beams, are usually stored outdoors before fabrication processes are conducted on them.

    Why Stainless Steel Meshes Are Better Than Brass Meshes

    Are you wondering whether you should order stainless steel mesh sieves or brash mesh sieves for your food processing industry? Read on and discover some of the reasons why stainless steel meshes may be a better choice for you. Resistance to Rust People who own brass ornaments have to polish them regularly in order to retain the attractive appearance of the brass. The appearance becomes less attractive over time because brass oxidises as it is exposed to air.